About Us

Meraki Accessories Inc. is a Canadian based fashion jewelry company. Our jewelry is designed to inspire women to be able to “Wear Their Story” each season without breaking the bank.

Meraki, pronounced [may-rah-kee] is to do something with soul, creativity or love; to put “something of yourself” into what you are doing, whatever it may be. 

After reading this definition, we immediately connected with this and knew that we’d found the perfect name for us. Meaningful design is a creative process that when done properly, will create unique pieces that resonate with the person who wears it. 

Meraki is headed by Designer Lisa Slade-Mullin who has been in the design industry for over 25 years. “With a passion for creating and designing everything from print to products, and a love of fashion and trends, Meraki Accessories is really an extension of who I am.” – Lisa Slade-Mullin, Designer

At Meraki Accessories we pride ourselves in utilizing a wide selection of materials that are influenced by a variety of fashion styles, creating collections that will truly have something for everyone!